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Welcome our new kind of desk which designed for catch up with fashion ,do you want to have one ?

Key features
1.Comfortable to work on it maybe a pleasure,and it maybe a toy in your kids eyes
2.The price is match to her good quality ,you can not find one in another place
3.The structure is designed by specialist in this field,it is out standing of others
4.Stable as you imagine so you can use it to hold you need in your office or in your family
5.You can use it both in study or in your parlor,and your room may become more beautiful cause my exist 
  • Item No. SF14044
  • Packing
  • Product Size
  • Carton Size
  • CBM
  • 20'FCL
  • 40'/HQ

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Our company XiaMen Vigorteam Trading Co., Ltd is a furniture production and sales integrate company which is located at Xiamen, China. Funded in Nov. 2005 and undergone five years of hard work...[More]

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